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[010208 - 1125 pm] - AVATAR: Art Meme
Random ATLA shippings and chaos in generalCollapse )

La la la. Waiting for Episode 313 so I can draw something for real. Meanwhile, enjoy filling out this meme! Link to blank meme in the full view page.

And happy new year!
[122407 - 0308 pm] - HP: Happy Holidays
Remus/SiriusCollapse )


Erm... surprise, indeed. I haven't drawn these two for the longest time, and I doubt I ever will again. They were my first slash pairing--heck, my first pairing ever--and will always hold a special place in my heart. But I've moved on. Please enjoy my last piece of R/S fanart.

Happy holidays!
[122207 - 0312 pm] - WTF
Okay, so I just found out yesterday that FTW actually means "for the win" and not "what the fuck" backwards. Since I made a typo and saw the term used recently by others, I think I used FTW incorrectly at least 10 times in the past two weeks on various communities, which officially makes me a bigger n00b than Zuko. Please, spare me of any further embarrassment. TELL ME if I do something like that again. Thank you.

And just because I can: AVATAR SEASON 3. TEAM ZUKKA FTW.

Up next: Sirius/Remus holiday picture. I've neglected HP fandom long enough, especially these two. Then after that, something with Zuko and Sokka friendship. My last picture was a little too much het for me. Hahaha.
[121507 - 1105 pm] - SCRAP: Young Pakku
You KNOW he was hot back then. And still is.Collapse )

Pakku carving Kana her engagement necklace. Done on Shi-Painter.

It's ironic that two of my favorite characters from Avatar, Sokka and Pakku, are both sexist bastards. I mean, I'm a staunch feminist and I go to a women's college (Hillary's college at that). Hahaha. But who says sexist can't be sexy? I'm just a big hypocrite, aren't I.

Besides, old geezers are hot. Pakku, you think you're so old and wise, but you're actually one of the youngest on my lovelist. ;)

Procrastinating again.
[121407 - 1047 pm] - AVATAR: Uncle Sokka
Aang and Katara got busyCollapse )

Sokka telling a story... perhaps about Yue?

Those babies are NOT Sokka's babies. They belong to Aang and Katara. This picture has been lying around unfinished for almost two weeks. Made for the fanart_50 prompt: When I was young. Yes, I'm going to draw 50 pictures of Sokka. WATCH ME.

Omfg. I can't believe the semester is almost over. Two more final exams to go. I also notice that I tend to entertain myself with online quizzes when I have a paper to write, and work on my drawings when I have an exam to study for. Then once I have real time to spend, I end up doing nothing at all. Not very efficient.

Up next: Sokka/Suki. :)
[120207 - 1216 am] - SCRAP: Sokka Crack Shipping
Sokka/Space-Earth SwordCollapse )

I was going to be evil and not put this behind an LJ-cut, but I decided to be nice instead. I need a life.
[120107 - 0340 pm] - AVATAR: The Blind Calligrapher
Sokka/TophCollapse )

No quote for this one. I can't think of anything that doesn't sound corny. This picture can be taken as "shipping" if you want, even though I don't like Sokka and Toph doing anything beyond hugging. Or any of the main Avatar characters for that matter.

P.S. If anyone can tell me exactly which line of which Chinese poem is carved in the paperweight (NOT the water jar--that's my signature), I will draw your character/shipping of choice doing whatever you want.
[120107 - 0203 pm] - AVATAR: Old Stuff
My first and only successful realistic painting of a cartoon character:
12-27-2006: Realistic ZukoCollapse )

Iroh/Zuko Season 2 Angst:
01-02-2007: Come BackCollapse )

Okay, that's it.
[112807 - 0753 pm] - AVATAR: Sokka the Navigator
Moment of GloryCollapse )

Uh... Aang? Where are we going? Are you listening?

I finally got around to watching Avatar Season 3 and I LOVE IT. I could probably fangirl over Sokka for 10 pages, but I'll spare you all the pain of scrolling down through all of it. :)
[102807 - 1209 pm] - HP: Dreams of All Sorts
Omg! Weilan drew something!Collapse )

"...and then we could roll around in dirt and pick berries all day and live like savages! If you were listening at all, Albus, you would have at least smiled or looked at me as if I were utterly mad. Or perhaps, knowing you, you might have applauded."

Now say that with a German accent!

I had a lot of fun with the composition for this one, especially trying to make the long horizontal canvas work. If you pick out several points in the picture, you can see all the triangles that they form, and the triangles sort of get smaller and smaller toward the left of the picture. If you don't see it, it's not important. It just makes my eyes happy. Any kind of feedback/criticism/suggestion is appreciated!

My computer is back, but I won't be drawing as much anymore. Instead of minoring in studio art, I think I'm going to go for a double major with biochemistry--basically the equivalent of having three majors. But hopefully, less quantity is more quality, and I will stop posting crappy half-assed pictures. :)
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